Helping Orophans

The Charity Taza Niet

Unfortunately our world is not flawless, sometimes children are abandoned or their parents are inadequate people who cannot have legal parental rights. These children end up having an orphanage as their new home.

Taza Niet aims to offer moral, social and financial support to orphans and orphanages in Kazakhstan. Taza Niet will deliver groceries, toys, sport items and other necessities children need to be surrounded with.

One of our ideas we are turning into a reality is teaching the English language to orphans. Due to Covid-19 all academic studies were suspended and the kids lacked exposure to a decent school experience. After visiting orphanages and talking to the kids we realized that many of them want to learn English. Me and my partner Anuar plan on giving some introductory English lessons to familiarize the kids to a new language, bond with them and try to help them where possible. It will also be a great experience and possibly an ice breaker. We plan on taking a few orphanages under our patronage and helping them on a regular basis, building a connection.

We want to help form a happy and healthy generation. Let’s look after our future!



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Almaty, Kazakhstan