Helping the disabled and children with child cerebral palsy.

Мы также будем доставлять им продукты и другую продовольственную помощь. Мы понимаем, что наша помощь несравненно с тем, что в свое время эти люди сделали для нас.

The Charity Taza Niet

Life was never easy for disabled people, their disabilities always dragged them down taking a toll on their mental health. The least we can do is help them. Everyday children are born with cerebral palsy limiting their ability to live life as we all know it. These children have deformities, speaking disorders and face other obstacles in life that we would never be able to imagine. We will tailor our help to each specific case visiting the person and asking them what they need help with. For some we will buy electric wheelchairs and other needed equipment, some will receive finances for treatment etc. Let’s help make these people view their disability as a speciality rather than a curse.

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Almaty, Kazakhstan