Helping low-income families and single mothers

Мы также будем доставлять им продукты и другую продовольственную помощь. Мы понимаем, что наша помощь несравненно с тем, что в свое время эти люди сделали для нас.

The Charity Taza Niet


Being ostracized from society, I spent my days in introspection and ended up starting this initiative. The initiative of helping those that are suffering financially in this unprecedented time of crisis and turmoil. I know that a lot of people are left unemployed due to the oil oriented economy and the strain on it caused by the pandemic. One of the sad realities of our country is that people do not have money reserves and their unemployment jeopardises their ability to live a basic life with all basic necessities. I believe this needs to change and I want to do my bit, I want to help those people with food banks and donations. 


-Eldar Chaizhunussov


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Almaty, Kazakhstan